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Wendi Okabayashi

A Heart For Paws Dog Training provides services in California and Utah.


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All classes meet one hour each week for 5 weeks.  You will receive demonstrations, hands on instruction and time to practice with your dog.  Various dog behaviors will be discussed and there will be time for questions and answers concerning these topics.  Each week, you will be emailed homework assignments to practice with your dog.  Class sizes are kept small to ensure success and quality time with the trainer.

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Dogs will learn eye contact, sit, down, walking nicely on leash, recalls, auto sits, wait, stay, leave-it and heel.  The instructor will teach you how to bond with your dog open lines of communication and establish leadership using positive training methods.    

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After completing Paws l, the dogs will be challenged by adding duration (2-3 minute stays), distance (working 30 feet from your dog) and major distractions to all of their commands.  You will learn how to keep your dog focused while balls are bouncing, toys are squeaking, dogs are playing and food is tossed right under their nose.  Dogs and handlers will enjoy this upbeat class filled with fun challenges that reinforce advanced behaviors.   

Tuition: $150

(5 Week Course)


Is your dog digging up the backyard, jumping on your guests, toileting in the house, stealing food, nipping at your children, bolting out the front door, barking all day, pulling on walks, lunging at other dogs while leashed, growling at other dogs or people etc.?  Does this sound like your dog?  If your answer is “Yes” call and make an appointment today.  Wendi will come to your home, evaluate and address the concerns you are having with your dog.  She will provide tips to stop your dog's undesirable behavior and explain the reasons behind your dog's actions.  At the end of your lesson, you will have a better understanding of your dog and know how to communicate with success.  Her goal is to make your dog an enjoyable member of your family. 

Private lessons- $175 (Initial consult and training)
(90 minutes)

Private lessons (Behavior Issues, including aggression, or homes with multiple dogs)- $275
(90-120 minute session)

Virtual lessons- $99

(60 minutes)

Additional Lessons- $125

pup n breed selection.

Is your family ready to add a new puppy to your pack?  Do you know what breed would blend nicely with your existing family?  If you are looking for a puppy with a specific temperament, I will find your perfect puppy!  Are you seeing questionable behavior in your puppy and like to have it evaluated?  Call today and set up an appointment.  

Puppy/Breed Selection and Temperament Testing  - $175

service dog.

If you need help training a dog to assist you, please call for information and pricing.


about me.

Wendi Okabayashi is the heart behind A Heart 4 Paws Dog Training. Her dog training journey started when an unruly Golden Retriever entered her life 23 years ago. 


In an attempt to train this dog, she enrolled in several group classes, hired top dog trainers, veterinarians and spent many years studying dog behavior.  With her new found knowledge of dog behavior and training, she started her first dog training company in Temecula, California.

During that time, she grew her business and became well recognized in the dog training community.  Her experience covers areas of aggression, separation anxiety, off leash training, therapy, service and more. 

Her journey has now lead her to Utah, where she is excited for more opportunities to work with dogs and their owners.



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Wendi Okabayashi

Tel: 385-522-6751


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