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PAWSitive tales...

Thanks so much for helping us with Max and Midnight.  Midnight hasn’t acted aggressively towards other dogs for quite some time.  And the technique you taught us for breaking up fights is perfect. You have made our home life and outdoor life more peaceful.  All the best.



Cocker Spaniel

Kevin and I were extremely grateful for the time you spent with us last Thursday.  Your explanation for Zeus and Zena’s behavior and instructions on how to make changes were clear and easy to understand.  We learned so much. Thank you again for your help



Siberian Husky

Thank you again for your training session with Mocha yesterday.  We all learned so much and we’re making progress already, though she is still struggling with the tummy rubbing/submission for anything over a few minutes. Patience and consistency will be definite requirements!  Your description of Mocha’s personality and motivations (particularly the prey drive and the dominance indicators) have helped us understand her better and as a result, are helping us to think through our behaviors in a new light and not give in to her (very cute) whimpers and protests.  We’re all making headway and look forward to our future training sessions!  You are an incredible trainer and we all found you to be so positive and gentle with Mocha.  We’re looking forward to the obedience class.  Please keep us posted on when we can sign up for that.



Chocolate Lab



Wendi’s puppy assessment service is incredible, and so worth the money.  First, her assessment service stopped us from choosing the wrong puppy for our family.  Then she went with us to breeders and helped us choose the puppy we’ve always wanted.  I’ve been amazed at how accurate the puppy profile was. Everything she said about our puppy at 7 weeks has proven true throughout his life.  Wend is excellent at hearing what you want in a dog, seeing what you need, and helping you choose a lifetime companion.  It’s the best money we’ve spent!  Wendi’s ability as a dog trainer is astounding to me!  She understands the psychology of dogs, is able to speak their language, and transfers that skill to the owner with patience and clarity.  She is a valuable resource to answer questions and offers sound advice on everything from puppy nipping, aggression, grooming tips, house training, etc.  It’s like having the dog whisperer himself at your fingertips. She has been able to help with every issue that comes up.  I can’t believe it, at only 4 months old, our puppy is already fully trained!  He will sit, stay, lay down, heel, leave things that aren’t his and walk nicely on a leash!  Wendi is amazing.  Her work with him was professional, thorough, and loving.  She also taught me and my family how to handle him and now I can confidently say I am my dog’s pack leader!



Sawyer/Black Lab


Rosie is such a different dog. She no longer barks or jumps on the door when she wants in after going to the bathroom.  Without fear, she now sniffs the gate and even the white garbage bag. We are thinking that she feels more safe to explore.  She does extremely well with the touch!!  Jeanne cannot believe it is the same dog.  You are so practical and all the ideas you have work wonderful.  I guess that is why you do what you do.  Thanks for everything and your kindness.  I am so excited for all your teachings as I see that the long term goal will be successful.  This has been so helpful as I have been feeling like a failure working with her and now I have a renewed enthusiasm to work with her.  We are on the way to success-a happy content Rosie!!!


Thank you-much


San Diego

Rosie/ Pappion



Our Puppy Trixy had a leg surgery at the age of 9 months.  She was not able to walk altogether for about 8 weeks.  During this time we had to carry her 24/7 from room to room, going potty, etc. and she got terribly spoiled.  After her surgery she was not the same dog anymore.  We became her servants and she was the boss in the house.  After we took care of her such a long time she got used to it and she became the pack leader. We tried everything we could think of ourseleves, but nothing changed.  She only listened when she wanted to.  When it was time to go on vacation, we decided to give it a try at Wendi’s place for boarding and training.  Honestly I did not expect the results we got!  I thought a little training and discipline would do her some good.  Our dog came back as a different dog.  She was well behaved, listened to commands and was so much calmer.  Wendi made sure that Trixy was set up for success and she showed us how we had to handle her.  We are very happy with the results and I can assure you that you will be too.  Trixy is respecting us now as her pack leaders. The daily walks are so much nicer without pulling or frustration.  Every day we do a little training and go through the commands so she wont forget.  Thank you Wendi, you did a wonderful job.

Gaby, Rick & Brandon


Trixy/ Lhaso Apso

I still can’t believe that just over a week ago Calli and I were certified as a Therapy Dog Team!  You know as well as I how far Calli has come…how far we have come! It seems like only yesterday when I met you and your dog Summer (service dog in training) in the grocery store and you gave me the phone number to great breeder. 

1 year and 7 months ago we brought home our 8 week old Golden Retriever.  Jim and I never had a dog in 21 years of marriage.  Within a few days we knew we were in trouble.  Calli was a terror. She wouldn’t stop biting us and toileting was an accident nightmare!

We waited a month to call you…that was our first mistake!  You came to our house and to our rescue!  You took our list of problems, and one by one taught us training techniques which made all the difference.  The following month when we had a new set of problems, your returned again to save the day. When Calli was 3 1/2 months old we took your 6 week Beginning Training Class.  Coming to the class with Calli was an emotional rollercoaster.  Some weeks she did pretty good, other weeks she did just awful.  One thing kept me from giving up…your consistency positive attitude with us!! And look at the outcome!  This past March we graduated from your Advanced Training Class…and followed that by completing Therapy Dog Training with you.

Wendi, you have truly helped us every step of the way.  I can’t thank you enough for the countless times you went above and beyond the call of duty for us.  Our success is your success.  We would not and could not have come this far without you!


Pawsitively grateful,

Jim, Maria & Calli

Golden Retriever


I just wanted to say THANK YOU so very much for today.  It means more to me (and Harlee) that you will ever know.  You have the ability to show me that the dog I love so very much can be a great dog with time and dedication.  I have always loved all our dogs with all my heart but Harlee has been the only one I have personally picked to be a part of our family so I feel personally responsible for her success and failures.  I had a very loyal dog (Crunch our Rottweiler) who had to live in a bubble because my husband feared him biting someone and I saw the limited life he lead for 10 years.  I want so much for more Harlee and any other dog that joins our family.  It sounds silly but I almost cried today when you let her leash go and I saw her running free with Summer.  I was in shock and awe.  I really got to see her be a dog with other dogs.  It also confirmed what I already knew in my heart which was that she would be great with the right doggy companion.  And seeing her let Clay (a man) love on her was a nice treat and has shown me that she is growing. You are so truly gifted at what you do and the energy and spirit you exude is contagious!!!!  You always give me new hope and make me want to be the best pack leader I can be.  I can see now that I want to regain control and give Harlee the happiest life she could have.  What an awesome job you have…you get to bring the very best out of people and the pets they love!!!  Well, I could sing your praises all night but I will simply end with a very humble and gracious, thank you! YTB!


Dawn and Harlee

Ridgeback Mix


Thank you so much for coming on Friday and for your email.  Things are already much better between the dogs.  There has been no more major aggressive behaviors from Spud towards Chester and Chester is back to laying around in his spot with the family for the most part. It’s amazing how such simple things can make such a huge difference.  We’ll keep working on adding all of your suggestions.  We would love to attend your class just let me know which I should try to do so we can attend.  Thanks again for your help.

Lenore and Family



Chester/Chocolate Lab





Wendi has helped us so much over the last several years.  She performed temperament testing on litters to help us pick our two dogs, Mollie and Zack.  She has helped us with behavior problems and especially puppy obedience training and reinforcement.  She also helped us to resolve a barking dog problem with our neighbors.  We value her as an accomplished professional and a friend.  We have recommended her to friends, relatives and neighbors who have also seen fantastic results.


Doug and Karen


Golden Retriever and Goldendoodle



Wendi Okabayashi Dog Training has changed the relationship I have with my dog.  I decided to seek the help of a trainer because I wanted a well-behaved  dog that would walk nicely on leash without pulling me. Needless to say, with Wendi Okabayashi Dog Training I have a dog that can do so much more than walk on a loose leash.  Wendi has made dog training a joy.  I had previously enrolled with a different training company and dreaded the classes, and often did not attend.   I am now “addicted” to dog training and work with my dog every day.  It not only strengthens the bond that I have with my dog, but it is FUN!!     


Pacific Palisades         

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